Consulting Services

Shared service departments are often a low priority for an organization, which means budgets, headcount and respect can be a struggle. That’s where we come in:

We help service departments promote their contributions and communicate their value so they get more of what they want.

Our consulting projects get your good work recognized and your contributions valued. Contact us to find out if can help you with:

Service Branding & the Customer Experience

Who are you? If you’re service department doesn’t know who it is, or  what customers think about it, then you’re lost in the fog.

  • Our qualitative research reveals the Voice of the Customer and the promise you keep.
  • With that insight we define your service brand in actionable tools and help you begin to shape your Customer Experience towards an intentional and valued one.

Education & Awareness Programs

Why would customers comply with your policies or procedures, or participate in your programs? Service success is dependent on customers’ voluntary participation, without it you’re dead in the water.

  • Our facilitated consultation inventories and prioritizes your service programs.
  • We then coach your team through the design and development of events that promote, communicate and train customer audiences.
  • Using your available in-house support resources, an implementation plan is designed with a roll-out based on your production schedule.

Business Planning & Goal Setting

How would your managers (above and below you) know what your trying to do? Without a plan and goals, there’s no understanding, accountability, or baseline from which to show improvements.

  • Our strategic planning defines your department’s long-term purpose into planning guides.
  • We then facilitate action plans that implement strategic improvements and make tangible progress.

 Performance Reporting & Presentations

How do you prove your services are valuable, or that they were delivered at all? By their nature services are intangible, which means your boss may have serious questions for you.

  • We develop compelling presentations that include meaningful service results based on your direction.
  • We train you in showtime best-practices for presentations so that your performance adds to, rather than detracts from the news you have.

Scenario-based Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

What do you really get with kitchen variety RFPs? When you need a strategic partner as supplier, you need more than the copy-and-paste proposals from them.

  • We craft scenarios reflecting your supplier expectations based on guidance from you and your subject matter experts.
  • We then include them in your RFPs and along with weighting/rating scales that enable you to select the best suppliers through insights into their thinking.

Performance Metrics: SLAs & KPIs

How fast are you going, or how far? Without Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), assessing performance and holding providers accountable is a wild guess at best.

  • We design SLAs and KPIs based on the vital few metrics you need to trigger consequences or dole out rewards.
  • We focus on the few manageable metrics that give you the right info to assess performance appropriately.