Free eBook “KPIs in Service” + 32 service KPIs

KPIs in Service: free eBook + 32 service KPIsKPIs (Key Performance Indicators) make service real. They tangibilize it in a way that we can all see what’s been delivered.

Here’s our free eBook “KPIs in Service,” which includes 32 service KPIs you can use today. Enter your email below and click “Free Updates”.

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This free ebook will help you get more out of your services, whether you’re the managing customer, buyer or supplier. You’ll learn to:

  • Define KPIs
  • Align KPIs within Strategic Objectives
  • Understand their use as a Vendor Management Tool
  • Identify how to select the right KPIs to use
  • Learn how to  effectively to assess service performance
  • …and more

Included in this free eBook are 32 service KPIs that you can use today. To get started, enter your email below and click “Free Updates” to receive the free eBook and KPIs.

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