Tame Your Service Brand – or Suffer the Hoof Prints

Tame Your Service BrandEveryone has a service brand; individual, departmental, organizational.

Whomever you serve or interact with has been accumulating their perceptions and experiences of you and your service.

And you’re branded.

Doesn’t matter that you don’t know what that service brand is. And it’s not what you say about yourself either. You’re not the decider.

Your customers and peers decided. And they’ve sentenced you to it: the good, the bad, the possibly untrue.

You have one of two choices.

1. Accept your ignorance of your service brand, go about your business, and occasionally feel wild horses stampeding across your back – that’d be your service brand in conflict with what you’re doing. Your words or actions aren’t matching your customers image/belief of who you are.


2. Define your service brand and intentionally align your actions and messages with what customers value about you, and what you’re good at.

Of course we’d choose #2. Who would want to work with someone who makes promises they won’t or can’t keep?

The challenge is that individuals, or service departments:

  • Don’t believe their service brand exists – so why worry?
  • Don’t think it matters enough to commit time, resources & budget to defining their service brand?
  • Don’t know where to get started – hey, that’s why I’ve written this post!

Your service brand exists at the intersection of what customers value about you, and what you’re good at. Anything outside that overlap doesn’t count.

Take the time, spend the money, make the commitment – your service brand is out there tramping around. Bring it under control. Influence where it goes. Let it help take you to the results you want.

Unless of course you’re just crazy mad about hoof print tattoos down your spine.

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