supplier relationship management

“Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA)” is a US government purchasing strategy that has leaked its way into where it doesn’t belong; buying complex services and/or products in the private sector. And like […]

Caveat emptor: Who hasn’t heard the phrase “let the buyer beware”? It’s a part of our consciousness, we don’t even think about it, it’s just good business to perform due diligence when buying. However, for every helpful phrase or […]

A declaration of customer-contractor interdependence. In the course of history, it becomes necessary to state the separate and equal principles that bind customer and contractor together in commerce. As business practices evolve, […]

Why should customers and suppliers review service performance after the fact? It’s already taken place, why bother? Because outsourcing by its nature is an implied trust. Customers do their thing and trust […]