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Key Performance Indicators make service real so we can see what's been delivered. This free eBook, KPIs in Service, helps managers and suppliers get the most out of services by:

  • Defining KPIs within Strategic Objectives & as a Vendor Management Tool
  • Identifying how to select the right KPIs
  • Providing a list of 32 useful service KPIs
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“Service Performance helped improve our customer experience resulting in big wins." — Tom Lencer, Global Foundation Services Manager, Microsoft

Everyone attends a lot of meetings, for decision making and/or performance reporting. Whatever the purpose, there are lots of meetings; something on the order of 55 million a day. If you’re a […]

“Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA)” is a US government purchasing strategy that has leaked its way into where it doesn’t belong; buying complex services and/or products in the private sector. And like […]

Caveat emptor: Who hasn’t heard the phrase “let the buyer beware”? It’s a part of our consciousness, we don’t even think about it, it’s just good business to perform due diligence when buying. However, for every helpful phrase or […]

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) should be a factor in all B2B purchase decisions – you take a rough cut at TCO, rationalize suppliers’ pricing with that cost-adder during bid evaluations, and voila! A smarter buy is made. […]

Gone Goal – The Movie

by Chris Arlen on January 15, 2015

If annual goal planning for support services were a movie, it would be the film “Gone Girl.” Apologies for the reach but goal planning can have that same weirdness the movie has. […]