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Key Performance Indicators make service real so we can see what's been delivered. This free eBook, KPIs in Service, helps managers and suppliers get the most out of services by:

  • Defining KPIs within Strategic Objectives & as a Vendor Management Tool
  • Identifying how to select the right KPIs
  • Providing a list of 32 useful service KPIs
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“Service Performance helped improve our customer experience resulting in big wins." — Tom Lencer, Global Foundation Services Manager, Microsoft

Service providers are forgettable…until something goes wrong. Because service by its nature is invisible / intangible, so are we. Most of the time. That is, until we fail, and numerically speaking we […]

The Service Ecosystem

by Chris Arlen on July 2, 2009

Service may seem simple, but in reality it’s not, it’s complex. It has many moving parts, in many locations, and at different times. Service is an ecosystem. Taking a big picture look […]

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a routine business practice that rarely delivers what it could. It’s used regularly to make decisions, but are they great decisions? Do those mediocre RFPs select […]

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are excellent tools for making performance visible and accountable. However, SLAs aren’t used as frequently as you’d think. In part, because it takes time and resources to create, […]

Zero-Based Servicing

by Chris Arlen on February 24, 2009

The economy’s outlook is bleak and the bottom isn’t in sight. Optimists say it’s six months away. Others, two years from now. And that’s the bottom, few are guessing when we’ll get […]